10 Tips To Keep Ants Out of The House

It is quite unpleasant to see a procession of ants pass through the house. To avoid having to undergo their assaults, there are some simple tips to implement, let’s see which ones.

10 tips to keep ants out of the house

1- Spray pure white vinegar on the windowsills and on the most frequented areas; ants hate this smell.

2- Plant lavender on your doorsteps and in planters on your windows. If you don’t have the soul of a gardener, mix 10 drops of lavender essential oil in a liter of water and spray this mixture on all the openings.

3- Draw a thick line with chalk to block the passage of ants. The powdery texture bothers them a lot and they rarely insist. This method must be repeated after each rain.

4- Place an empty jar containing a base of honey on the windowsill frequented by the ants, they will come to feed there and sometimes will end their life at the bottom of the jar, but will not even think of entering the house, they are too busy enjoying enjoy the sweet treat.

10 tips to keep ants out of the house

5- Spread a little cayenne pepper on the passage areas of the ants as well as in front of all the openings of the house. They will go their way.

6- Sprinkle diatomaceous earth where ants are unwanted. This method although 100% natural and organic, will eliminate ants because the diatomaceous earth causes fatal wounds to insects. The effect will be felt after 48 hours.

7- Plant mint or basil on your windowsills and place large pots in front of the doors. Ants put off by the smell will go to better horizons.

8- When you prepare your coffee, do not throw away the grounds. Besides its well-known utility in the garden, it is also a very good repellent against ants. It is ideal for dislodging anthills installed in pots on the balcony. You just have to pour it on one of them to scare the inhabitants away.

9- Never leave sugary or fatty foods or crumbs on your kitchen countertops or tables. Ants have a real radar for these things and are sure to come to taste the feast.

10- Place a cup filled with sugar not far from the house to distract the ants, which attracted by this formidable manna, will ignore your home in order to concentrate on this ready-made meal!

10 tips to keep ants out of the house

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