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A homemade lawn sprinkler

A homemade lawn sprinkler

A hose with many small holes laid across the lawn, a perforated plastic bottle on the garden hose – there are many ways to build a lawn sprinkler yourself. If you are not very skilled with your hands, you can get a kit from a hardware store or garden store.

Simple solutions to build a lawn sprinkler

The grandfathers showed us how to water a lawn with a self-made lawn sprinkler. There were simply many small holes poked in a garden hose. When the tap was turned on, the water sprayed through the openings in all directions – provided the water pressure was high enough.

The plastic bottle that was placed on a garden hose was also very popular. The bottle, which was also perforated, was attached to a tripod. Once the water flowed, the water was distributed through the holes on the lawn.

A garden hose fitted with a spray attachment was also often seen. The end was tied to a tripod and it was said: let’s water!

Disadvantages of homemade lawn sprinklers

Homemade lawn sprinklers have a number of disadvantages. As soon as a piece of lawn is watered, the self-construction has to be moved to another place. The water distribution is usually very irregular, so that puddles form on the lawn in some places, while other parts do not get any water at all.

The most important requirement for building your own lawn sprinkler is the water pressure. If he’s too weak, it won’t work.

Self-made lawn sprinklers only really make sense if small pieces of lawn are to be blown up in the garden.

Kits from the hardware store

Kits that are available from specialist retailers are more demanding. They have the advantage that the hobby gardener can combine the components as desired.

This applies above all to the pivoting mechanisms, which are made of stainless steel and are much more durable than comparable plastic products.

instructions from the internet

Skilled hobbyists can find instructions for building their own lawn sprinklers on the Internet or on craftsmen’s websites. There are many good ideas here for assembling useful sprinklers to sprinkle the lawn.


If you want to build a lawn sprinkler with electrical settings yourself, you should definitely be familiar with electronics. Water and electricity don’t mix. It is better to rely on the competence of a specialist.

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