A perfect lawn thanks to underground irrigation

A perfect lawn thanks to underground irrigation

A perfect lawn – whether landscaped lawn or sports lawn – only succeeds with the right care and optimal irrigation. Pipes laid underground to ensure that the lawn is always watered at the desired time without the garden owner having to reach for the hose.

This is how underground irrigation works

The water pipes are buried in the ground. Even in very large or very crooked gardens, the pipes can be laid so precisely that every corner of the lawn is blown up.

The water is distributed by sprinklers, which are lifted above the earth’s surface by the water pressure. When the water pressure drops, the nozzles disappear back into the ground.

Which sprinklers you use depends on the individual design and planting of your garden. You can irrigate the garden with circular, oscillating, or wide-area sprinkling.

The exclusive solution: sensors

There are now underground irrigation systems for lawns that are equipped with sensors. The sensors measure the level of moisture in the earth. As soon as the soil becomes too dry, they start the irrigation system.

This solution is not exactly cheap, but it ensures that the lawn is optimally watered. For you as a garden owner, the system makes lawn care a lot easier.

The advantages of an underground sprinkler system

  • Neither pipes nor nozzles are visible
  • Lawn can be mowed without hindrances
  • A single installation is sufficient
  • Irrigation times can be programmed
  • Less water consumption through controlled irrigation
  • Is frost-proof

Since the nozzles disappear back into the ground after the work is done, they do not pose an obstacle to gardening. When mowing, you do not have to be careful not to drive over lines. This means that a robot lawnmower can also be used to cut the lawn without any problems.

The underground system is emptied before winter by means of drainage valves so that no frost damage occurs.

The times of day when watering is to be programmed can be programmed. You are free to choose when the irrigation should start. This also works on vacation or if you are absent for a longer period of time.


Underground irrigation systems for the lawn can be easily combined with other irrigation systems from the market. The entire system can be adjusted so that you no longer have to worry about watering the garden yourself.

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