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Are Daffodils and Wild Daffodils The Same Thing?

Are Daffodils and Wild Daffodils The Same Thing?

Daffodils are the ones with the white and yellow flowers and wild daffodils are the ones with the all yellow flowers. But is there a difference between Daffodils and Wild Daffodils and are they both one and the same?

The Wild daffodil is a type of daffodil

Every daffodil is a daffodil. That sounds funny? Daffodils are a diverse genus. It includes numerous species as well as the well-known daffodil. They belong to the amaryllis plant family and are characterized by their flowers that appear early in the year.

Both are bulbous plants that have their growing season from March to June. After that, they withdraw into their bulb and survive until the next spring. Furthermore, wild daffodil and daffodil combine the structure of their flowers, the appearance of their foliage, the location requirement, and care.

Wild Daffodils bloom at Easter

The daffodil lives up to its name. He points out that it blooms at Easter. It usually blooms between March and April. Another name by which it is known is the yellow daffodil.

Other types of daffodils can bloom as early as February. This includes, for example, the cyclamen-daffodil ‘February Gold’. Still, other types of daffodils do not flower until the end of April and into May.

Characteristics of  Wild daffodils

Just as all types of daffodil are poisonous, the wild daffodil is also poisonous. But what are the characteristics of wild daffodils like the ‘Mount Hood’ and ‘Dutch Master’ varieties?

  • native to Europe
  • bell-shaped flowers
  • yellow flower color
  • up to 50 cm (19 inches) high
  • lanceolate, green leaves
  • undemanding
  • grow in the sun or in partial shade


Both wild daffodils and other types of daffodils are ideal for cutting as vase flowers. But be careful: They are toxic and skin contact can cause irritation and inflammation.

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