Are daffodils Perennial -Tips & Care

Are daffodils Perennial -Tips & Care

A pot of daffodil bulbs was bought in the discount store around the corner. The daffodils should be in bloom soon. But what happens to them after flowering? Are they perennial and worth keeping or should they be discarded later?

Are daffodils always perennial?

Basically, all types of daffodils are perennial. They have an onion as their outlasting organ. The onion can cope with low temperatures without any problems, as it finds protection in the subsoil. But there are reasons why some daffodils do not sprout a second time

Reasons why many daffodils are not perennials

Here are the most common reasons why some don’t see their planted daffodil a second time:

  • Onion was not planted deep enough
  • Leaves were cut off too early after flowering
  • Onion has dried up
  • other plants have supplanted the narcissus
  • lack of fertilizer for daffodils in pots

Suitable location for these perennial early bloomers

Daffodils should be planted where there are no competitors. They need a sunny to partially shaded location. The soil should be loamy, nutritious, and moist. Planting daffodils next to tulips is not recommended. Tulips don’t like the moist soil environment that daffodils love.

Caring for these perennial bulb flowers

Daffodils do not like calcareous tap water, preferring non-calcareous rainwater. They will withdraw by June at the latest. But the soil around the bulb should not dry out during the summer either. Therefore, it is not a mistake to apply a layer of mulch over the daffodils.

daffodils are also crucial for a multi-year existence. The bulb has to absorb nutrients every year in order to have the strength to sprout in spring. Therefore, potted daffodils need to be fertilized regularly. Outdoor daffodils can be provided with compost.

Many daffodils in one spot rob each other of nutrients. For this reason, it is advisable to dig up the daffodils every 3 to 4 years and separate the newly formed bulbs from each other. They can be discarded or planted elsewhere.


Potted daffodils should not be left outside during the winter. It is best to dig up the bulbs and store them indoors or put the pot and bulbs in the basement.

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