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Nasturtiums Has lice? This is how you get rid of them

Nasturtiums Has lice? This is how you get rid of them

The nasturtium is very easy to care for but unfortunately also very susceptible to lice. This is also almost the only problem that your gardener has to contend with. Only the cabbage white caterpillar can compete with aphids in this regard.

Of course, the lice can be fought easily and very effectively with chemical agents. However, this is only recommended for ornamental plants. If you would like to use your nasturtium in the kitchen, then you should avoid using any chemical pesticides and use one of the many organic home remedies.

Treatment of lice

Once aphids are there, they multiply at breakneck speed. That’s why you should act quickly. Spray the affected leaves of your plants with nettle decoction, black tea, or a soft soap solution.

A strong jet of water may help with a light infestation. Extremely infested parts of the plant should be removed, as well as weak or sickly plants.

Ladybugs, lacewings, and parasitic wasps feed on aphids, among other things. With many different flowering plants, you create a paradise for these beneficial insects.

As a thank you, they will eat plenty of lice and take this plague away from you. Plant lavender or garlic near your nasturtiums so their scent will keep lice away.

The most important treatment tips:

  • Never chemically treat crops
  • rinse affected leaves
  • Beneficial also for prevention

Prevent aphids

Prevention is also better when it comes to aphids than having to treat the plants later. There are different possibilities for this. On the one hand, you ensure that beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, etc. find an ideal environment and give your nasturtium the right neighbors to the side.

If you have had to deal with severe infestations in the past, a crop protection net may be the ideal protection for your plants. It is so fine-meshed that it even keeps aphids away.

Garlic broth can also be used preventively. Boil five liters (1.3 gallons) of water with ten cloves of garlic for about twenty minutes and then leave it covered for a day. Then carefully spray all the shoots and leaves, especially the undersides.


Do not use chemical aphid control agents if your nasturtium is intended for consumption.

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