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health benefits of mango

Health Benefits Of Mango

The mango or Mangifera belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. This tropical fruit, sweet and very orange is native to South Asia, India. Its tree can reach 40 m high. After bananas, mango is […]

Macadamia: queen of nuts with a thousand virtues

Macadamia: Queen of Nuts With a Thousand Benefits and Virtues

Still called ”  Queensland nuts  “, the macadamia nut is the fruit of the “Queensland walnut”. It is a beautiful evergreen tree, native to the  Australian rainforests. The macadamia tree produces fruits very rich in oil, the use […]

omato 'Roma': planting and care

Tomato Roma: Planting and Care

With its oblong appearance and smooth skin, ‘Roma’ is very easy to recognize. And not to spoil anything, it is vigorous and productive. Origins and characteristics Contrary to what one might think, the ‘Roma’ tomato does not come […]

How to fight against the chafer?

How To Fight Against The Chafer ?

The white, plump larvae of the chafer devour the roots of plants in the garden. Remaining several years underground, they wreak havoc!  Discover our preventive control methods and our natural treatments […]

Kiwano: a spicy cucumber

Kiwano: A Spicy Cucumber

The kimono in summary  : Latin name: Cucumis metuliferus Common names: Kiwano, metulon, Kenyan cucumber Family: Cucurbitaceae Type: Fruit vegetable Height: 1.50 m Planting distance: 80 cm Exposure: Sunny Soil: Loosened and rich in […]

Watercress: appreciated for its leaves

Watercress: Appreciated For its Leaves

Watercress is a vegetable and condiment plant appreciated for the spicy flavor of its leaves.  what you need to know: Name: Nasturtium officinale Family: Brassicaceae Type: Leaf vegetable Height  : 20-60 […]

Romaine Lettuce Growing Tips

Romaine Lettuce Growing Tips

Lettuce is an easy to grow salad that requires little space and is very accessible, even on a balcony. In summary, what you need to know: Name: Lactuca sativa Family: Asteraceae […]

The 3 best natural fertilizers to make yourself

3 of the Best Natural Fertilizers To Make Yourself

Natural fertilizers promise vigorous plants without altering the environment. Derived from a plant, mineral, or animal materials, they give a boost to ornamental plants and vegetable gardens. Discover the 3 best […]

Organic treatment: the types of manure

Organic Treatment: The Types of Manure

Liquid manure is an efficient and environmentally friendly technique for controlling most insects, parasites, and plant diseases. Whether it is based on nettles, rhubarb, comfrey, or horsetail, here are the […]

swing types

How To Choose Your Garden Swing

Ideal for relaxing in the garden, the swing is a seat suspended from a structure and in which you can swing gently while sitting or lying down. Different in shape, materials, […]

Swiss chard: benefits and virtues

Swiss Chard: Benefits and Virtues

The chard ( Beta vulgaris ), also known as spinach beet or chard, belongs to the family Chenopodiaceae and comes from the Mediterranean coast. Consumed since Antiquity, it has fallen […]

Never throw your coffee grounds again

Never Throw Your Coffee Grounds Again

Coffee grounds are full of nutrients and unexpected benefits for outdoor use and even at home! Do not throw them away, rather keep them safe for later use. Coffee grounds […]

10 tips to keep ants out of the house

10 Tips To Keep Ants Out of The House

It is quite unpleasant to see a procession of ants pass through the house. To avoid having to undergo their assaults, there are some simple tips to implement, let’s see which […]

Borage: benefits and virtues

Borage: Benefits and Virtues

Borage enlivens vegetable gardens with its small blue flowers and hairy stems. This beautiful plant is also beneficial for the skin and to relieve various pains. Discover its virtues and how […]

Hazelnut: benefits and virtues

Hazelnut: Benefits and Virtues

The hazelnut is the fruit of hazel  ( Corylus avellana ), a bushy shrub that belongs to the family Betulaceae, native to the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. Hazelnuts have a subtle taste and excellent […]

Pepper: benefits and virtues

Pepper: Benefits and Virtues

The pepper is an exotic spice native to southern India and Sri Lanka marketed under different colors (green, white, red or black) depending on the degree of ripeness of the beans. In […]

Marshmallow: benefits and virtues

Marshmallow: Benefits and Virtues

Marshmallow or althaea officinalis is a perennial plant that differs from mallows by its calicle, which has more than 6 bracts. This officinal plant belongs to the Malvaceae family, it […]

Passionflower: benefits and virtues

Passionflower: Benefits and Virtues

A climbing plant, passionflower grows in the tropics of South America, in ditches, on wet and fertile soils.and even on the edge of the fields. Much coveted by gardeners and one […]

Violet Flower: benefits and virtues

Violet Flower: Benefits and Virtues

The Violet Flower ( Viola odorata ) is a small, bushy plant with purple or white flowers, native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, which belongs to the Violaceae family. It […]

How To Mulch in a Permaculture Garden

How To Mulch in a Permaculture Garden

One of the objectives of permaculture is to get closer to nature, to observe it, and to be inspired by it while respecting it. And when you bend over to examine […]

Epsom salt weed killer

Epsom Salt Weed Killer 100% Natural

Tired of buying weed killer products? You are quite right! Not only they are expensive … … but they also are bad for your health and the garden. Fortunately, there […]