Author: Virginia Donovan

Briquettes or charcoal, which is better?

Briquettes Or Charcoal Which One is Better

Briquettes or charcoal? This is a question that many are asking. Charcoal briquettes just like conventional charcoal offer advantages and disadvantages. Where exactly is the difference between the two? Isn’t it, in both cases, […]

The Proper way to cleaning a BBQ Grill

The Proper Ways To clean a BBQ Grill

Our tips for cleaning your barbecue grill What’s the best way to clean a particularly dirty barbecue? This is the question many grilling enthusiasts ask themselves, who have a blast […]

Dill: benefits and virtues

Dill: Benefits and Virtues

Dill or Anethum graveolens takes its name from the Greek anethon, “which grows quickly”. It is an annual plant of 1 meter high, native to southern Europe and western Asia. Dill belongs to the Apiaceae […]

Anise: for difficult digestion

Anise: For Difficult Digestion

Green anise  ( Pimpinella anisum ) is an annual aromatic plant, sometimes biennial, very fragrant, and decorative. Native to the Mediterranean Basin and Egypt, anise was cultivated by the Egyptians more than 4000 […]

The Ginkgo tree: benefits and virtues

The Ginkgo Tree: Benefits and Virtues

A tree native to China, the Gingko is considered a living fossil that has existed for 300 million years. Can measure between 25 and 50 meters tall, this tree also called “tree of a thousand crowns,” […]

Ginger: benefits and virtues

Ginger: Benefits and Virtues

Native to Asia, ginger or zingiber officinale is a tropical perennial plant whose rhizome offers many benefits and virtues for health. Ginger is widely used in Asian cuisine but has since gone beyond these […]

Juniper: benefits and virtues

Juniper: Benefits and Virtues

Native to India and Asia,  juniper berries are very popular in cooking and also have many health benefits and virtues. The juniper or juniper ( Juniperus communis ) is a small, hardy evergreen, slow-growing evergreen […]

Linden: it soothes anxieties

Linden: It Soothes Anxieties

The lime tree(Linden) is a large tree of the Tiliaceae family which grows in European woods and which can be found in our urban parks and gardens. In herbal medicine, its flowers, leaves, and […]

Red cabbage: large intakes and few calories

Red Cabbage: Large Intakes and Few Calories

The red cabbage is a leaf vegetable of the family of crucifers, as well as it’s green and white brothers. It is a perennial plant native to Central Europe which has many health benefits […]

What is a cockchafer beetle?

What Is a Cockchafer Beetle

The chafer is an insect very present in our gardens. However, a victim of its bad reputation because of the damage it causes on crops, it has practically disappeared in some […]

Gardening by moon

Gardening By Moon

We know the power of the lunar attraction of which the phenomenon of the tides is the most concrete example. This satellite of the earth would also have an important influence […]

Mulch types advantages disadvantages

Mulch Types Advantages and Disadvantages

Mulching makes it possible to re-establish a balance between production constraints and production environment: to obtain the desired result (vegetables, flowers, aromatics, etc.) without damaging the soil. But mulching is […]

what is mulch?

What Is Mulch?

WHAT IS Mulch? The earth is made up of several layers. There are more mineral layers and more organic layers. Mulch is the very first layer. As you walk through the forest, mulch […]

above the ground pool

Above Ground Pool Tips and Tricks

Who has not dreamed of having a swimming pool in their garden to make the most of the summer, cool off during a heatwave, and relax with their family? Above-ground swimming […]

5 tips for successful indoor plants

5 Tips To Grow Indoor Plants

A few green plants are enough to give life to an interior, plants which also contribute to our well-being. Let us return the favor by treating them appropriately, that is to say by providing […]

why is my cat losing hair

Why Is My Cat Losing Hair

  If your Wondering why is my cat losing hair, don’t panic cause its not as scary as it might look like. Depending on the course of the seasons, the […]