Best Location For Basil – Tips & Care

Best Location For Basil - Tips & Care

With the choice of location, hobby gardeners set the course for the successful cultivation of basil in beds and on balconies. We have put together for you here how the ideal place for basil should be structured.

The most important location criteria at a glance

The tropical origin already indicates that basil has a high need for sunlight. In addition, basil is surprisingly one of the heavy consumers, which is quite an exception for herbal plants. A location should be like this:

  • sunny location with at least 6 hours of sunshine in summer
  • warm and without cold drafts
  • preferably sheltered from the pounding rain
  • deep, well-drained soil
  • nutritious and well equipped with humus
  • a pH value of 6.5 to 7.5 is ideal

potted basil should not be exposed to the stifling heat of a reflective south wall. An air-flushed area is advantageous so that raindrops dry more quickly.

How to consider crop rotation

Like a large number of useful plants, basil is also incompatible with itself. It is therefore advisable to plant the annual herbal plant in a different location every year. Other herbs such as thyme, dill, marjoram, lemon balm or savory should not be planted there, as they are not compatible with basil.

Cucumbers are well-suited candidates for the mixed culture because the basil keeps mildew away from them.


Basil is an excellent companion for tomatoes. The intense scent, characterized by the essential oils, keeps cunning pests away. At the same time, basil enjoys rain protection through the tomato canopy. As long as the mighty tomatoes don’t steal the sunlight from the herbal plant, it’s an exemplary win-win constellation.

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