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Best Location for Gerbera to Thrive – Tips

Best Location for Gerbera to Thrive - Tips

As pretty as the gerbera is as a houseplant, if the location is not right, it will quickly stop flowering. Find a bright place where it is neither too cold nor too warm

Sunny but without direct midday sun

The right location for the houseplant gerbera is:

  • Bright and sunny
  • Without direct sunlight during midday
  • Airy but not drafty
  • Sufficient distance to other plants

In the sunny flower window, you should provide shade at midday, for example with a curtain.

Since the soil of the gerbera must never dry out completely, sufficient air circulation must be ensured. Otherwise, the plant will start to get moldy. However, drafts must not prevail, because the potted plant does not like that at all.


In summer, simply place your gerberas on the balcony or terrace. The houseplant feels better outside during the warm season than on the narrow window sill.

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