Can you water the lawn when it’s sunny?

Can you water the lawn when it's sunny?

The sun is shining in the sky, it’s hot and the lawn could definitely do with a little water: many a gardener prefers to use the garden hose at lunchtime to do something supposedly good for the lawn with the cooling water.

However, watering the lawn in the sun can have unpleasant consequences.

Burning glass effect – nonsense or not?

In general, it is advised not to water garden plants and lawns in bright sunshine. One reason for this recommendation is the so-called magnifying glass effect, in which the countless water droplets on the sensitive blades of grass act like magnifying glasses and cause burns. The result is unsightly brown or yellow spots on the lawn.

Don’t be fooled by claims to the contrary: watering at the wrong time has caused unsightly leaf spots on many other plants in the garden.

The right time to water the lawn

There is also another reason why you should not water the lawn in the sun: This also warms the soil and also ensures that the irrigation water evaporates faster than it can seep into the soil and reach the roots.

Therefore, only then should you go to the garden hose reach for when the sun is still weak or cannot be seen at all (anymore). The best time is early in the morning, preferably before 6 a.m., when the soil is already moistened by dewdrops and has also cooled down a bit overnight.

In exceptional cases, it can also be watered in the evening, but this should be avoided if possible: watering in the evening ensures a longer phase of moisture during the night hours, which on the one hand attracts voracious snails and on the other hand is the cause of fungal diseases.

What you should consider when watering the lawn

To ensure that your lawn does not suffer from a lack of water during the hot and dry summer months, you should also observe the following watering instructions in addition to the right time :

  • Avoid watering with cold water if possible
  • Collected and sun-warmed rainwater is ideal
  • Water thoroughly once or twice a week
  • about 15 to 20 liters (4-5 gallons) of water per square meter (10SF) of lawn is perfect


Before watering, you should do a test to avoid overwatering and thus permanent waterlogging: Step on the lawn in several places. Then observe the blades of grass: If they straighten up again quickly, there is still enough moisture and watering is not necessary.

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