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omato 'Roma': planting and care

Tomato Roma: Planting and Care

With its oblong appearance and smooth skin, ‘Roma’ is very easy to recognize. And not to spoil anything, it is vigorous and productive. Origins and characteristics Contrary to what one might think, the ‘Roma’ tomato does not come […]

How to fight against the chafer?

How To Fight Against The Chafer ?

The white, plump larvae of the chafer devour the roots of plants in the garden. Remaining several years underground, they wreak havoc!  Discover our preventive control methods and our natural treatments […]

Kiwano: a spicy cucumber

Kiwano: A Spicy Cucumber

The kimono in summary  : Latin name: Cucumis metuliferus Common names: Kiwano, metulon, Kenyan cucumber Family: Cucurbitaceae Type: Fruit vegetable Height: 1.50 m Planting distance: 80 cm Exposure: Sunny Soil: Loosened and rich in […]

Watercress: appreciated for its leaves

Watercress: Appreciated For its Leaves

Watercress is a vegetable and condiment plant appreciated for the spicy flavor of its leaves.  what you need to know: Name: Nasturtium officinale Family: Brassicaceae Type: Leaf vegetable Height  : 20-60 […]

Romaine Lettuce Growing Tips

Romaine Lettuce Growing Tips

Lettuce is an easy to grow salad that requires little space and is very accessible, even on a balcony. In summary, what you need to know: Name: Lactuca sativa Family: Asteraceae […]

The 3 best natural fertilizers to make yourself

3 of the Best Natural Fertilizers To Make Yourself

Natural fertilizers promise vigorous plants without altering the environment. Derived from a plant, mineral, or animal materials, they give a boost to ornamental plants and vegetable gardens. Discover the 3 best […]

Organic treatment: the types of manure

Organic Treatment: The Types of Manure

Liquid manure is an efficient and environmentally friendly technique for controlling most insects, parasites, and plant diseases. Whether it is based on nettles, rhubarb, comfrey, or horsetail, here are the […]

Never throw your coffee grounds again

Never Throw Your Coffee Grounds Again

Coffee grounds are full of nutrients and unexpected benefits for outdoor use and even at home! Do not throw them away, rather keep them safe for later use. Coffee grounds […]

10 tips to keep ants out of the house

10 Tips To Keep Ants Out of The House

It is quite unpleasant to see a procession of ants pass through the house. To avoid having to undergo their assaults, there are some simple tips to implement, let’s see which […]

How To Mulch in a Permaculture Garden

How To Mulch in a Permaculture Garden

One of the objectives of permaculture is to get closer to nature, to observe it, and to be inspired by it while respecting it. And when you bend over to examine […]

Epsom salt weed killer

Epsom Salt Weed Killer 100% Natural

Tired of buying weed killer products? You are quite right! Not only they are expensive … … but they also are bad for your health and the garden. Fortunately, there […]

What is a cockchafer beetle?

What Is a Cockchafer Beetle

The chafer is an insect very present in our gardens. However, a victim of its bad reputation because of the damage it causes on crops, it has practically disappeared in some […]

Gardening by moon

Gardening By Moon

We know the power of the lunar attraction of which the phenomenon of the tides is the most concrete example. This satellite of the earth would also have an important influence […]

Mulch types advantages disadvantages

Mulch Types Advantages and Disadvantages

Mulching makes it possible to re-establish a balance between production constraints and production environment: to obtain the desired result (vegetables, flowers, aromatics, etc.) without damaging the soil. But mulching is […]

what is mulch?

What Is Mulch?

WHAT IS Mulch? The earth is made up of several layers. There are more mineral layers and more organic layers. Mulch is the very first layer. As you walk through the forest, mulch […]

How do you get rid of mistletoe

How Do You Get Rid of Mistletoe?

A parasitic plant of our trees with less ornamental power, mistletoe when it is present in abundance can be a danger to the health of the subject it colonizes, it […]

above ground pool tips and tricks

Tree Stump Removal How To

Tackling a tree stump is no small feat. Depending on the tree type, it may have long roots that will have to be amputated with a saw, an ax, or […]

Best way to remove weed

How To Get Rid of Weeds Without a Weed Killer

Weeding the garden can sometimes become a tedious operation, especially During the spring, when the strange impression of seeing the grass grow visibly despite previous efforts to get rid of […]

5 tips for successful indoor plants

5 Tips To Grow Indoor Plants

A few green plants are enough to give life to an interior, plants which also contribute to our well-being. Let us return the favor by treating them appropriately, that is to say by providing […]

natural pool

Everything About Natural Pools

Many gardeners consider building a swimming pool in their backyard. However, the idea of ​​struggling to keep the water pure is generally off-putting. Fortunately, the new concept of ecological swimming makes it possible to […]

banana tree care for winter

Banana Tree Care For Winter

An exotic touch to the garden, the Japanese banana tree is relatively hardy as long as some precautions are taken for its protection during the winter in cold regions where […]