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Before we talk about the dwarf goat, let's talk briefly about goats. The goat is a herbivorous, diurnal (which comes to life) mammal, part of the Bovidae family, just like cows. It descends directly from its cousins, the chamois, and the ibex. It is also from the chamois that the goat derives its agility, a quality which is quite surprising when we observe the morphology of this animal.

The Golden Pheasant, Who is He? How To Raise it

The flamboyant plumage of the golden pheasant makes it the darling of aviaries and animal parks. If you want to give your barnyard a splash of color, this resplendent bird will meet your expectations. Here […]

Smells Cats Love and Smells Cats Don’t Like

Smells Cats Love and Smells Cats Don’t Like

Cats have an overdeveloped sense of smell compared to us poor humans. They are therefore particularly sensitive to odors, not approaching a place that exhales an unpleasant odor. Conversely, some […]

why is my cat losing hair

Why Is My Cat Losing Hair

  If your Wondering why is my cat losing hair, don’t panic cause its not as scary as it might look like. Depending on the course of the seasons, the […]