Daffodils: Proper care pays off

Daffodils: Proper care pays off

Whether you are a novice, an intermediate, or a professional, dealing with daffodils is not challenging. Tending and caring for them is child’s play if you know what is important. The answers to the most important care questions can be found here.

Do daffodils die without being watered?

Outdoor daffodils usually do not need to be watered. They are only endangered if they are not planted deep enough. Potted daffodils, on the other hand, should be watered regularly. On the one hand, the soil should not dry out and, on the other hand, it should not stand in water.

Since daffodils do not like lime, lime-free water should be used when watering potted plants. Tap water is usually not an option because it is too calcareous. If your tap water at home is too lime-rich, use distilled water for watering, for example, which you also use for ironing.

Do daffodils need fertilizer?

It is not absolutely necessary to fertilize daffodils. The exception are potted daffodils. If you still fertilize your daffodils in the bed, you are doing them something good.

The following must be observed when fertilizing :

  • fertilize before flowering
  • fertilize after flowering
  • Use complete fertilizer or compost
  • 3 to 5 liters of compost per square meter (10SF)
  • Do not apply fertilizer to the leaves (danger of burns and failure of the flower)

How can these early bloomers be propagated?

Even without any action, the number of plants grows over the years. Why? Daffodils secretly reproduce underground. They form new onions, so-called brood onions. If the daffodils are too close together, simply divide the bulbs. The second variant for propagation would be to sow the daffodils.

Is a transplant campaign recommended?

Daffodils can be in the same spot for years. A transplant campaign is only worthwhile after around 6 years. You should start transplanting in the summer. Remember to plant the onions at the right depth and water them well!

 Pests that can affect daffodils

Daffodils are rarely attacked by pests. If so, in most cases it is the daffodil fly. She lays her eggs on the daffodil. The larvae eat the bulb and the plant dies. Unfortunately, the infestation is only discovered when the plant is dead.

How and when should you prune daffodils?

When the daffodil has faded, the flower stalk is cut off. This will prevent the daffodil from producing seeds. Seed formation robs her of a lot of energy. The leaves are not removed until they have yellowed – if at all. It is better to let the leaves dry out and not remove them.


Snails like dried leaves. They eat up the leaves and spare other plants such as freshly sown lettuce.

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