Daffodils Types – The Most Beautiful Varities

Daffodils Types - The Most Beautiful Varities

Daffodils come in different varieties. They can differ, among other things, in the number of their flowers, their scent, their flowering time and flower color as well as their height. Which important species are there and which varieties are recommended?

Among many types, three types are most significant

To keep an overview, daffodils are divided into 12 classes. But not all are important to local gardeners. The most interesting for gardeners are the following species with their main characteristics:

  • Trumpet daffodils: secondary crown as large as a main crown, early flowering period
  • Large-crowned daffodils: shorter secondary crown than main crown, later flowering period
  • Narcissus tazetta: late flowering period, pleasantly fragrant

But species such as jonquils, Italian daffodils (the largest daffodils), plate daffodils, hoop daffodils, cup daffodils, noble daffodils, wild daffodils, and cyclamen daffodils are not to be scoffed at. For example, the jonquills, which have 3 flowers per stem and have a wonderful scent, are ideal as cut flowers.

The most common type: the yellow daffodil

This daffodil belongs to the trumpet daffodils and is also known as the daffodil. It is the most widespread and popular species. It includes, for example, the varieties ‘Dutch Master’, ‘Mount Hood’ and ‘Carlton’. It is characterized by pure yellow and large flowers.

The White daffodil

Narcissus poeticus, the poet’s narcissus, belongs to the Tazette family. It is extremely popular alongside the yellow daffodil and is often offered as a cut flower. Its cup-shaped flowers are white-yellow and appear more delicate than those of other species. The flowering period is between late April and early May.

Exquisite varieties for growing in the garden

Here is an overview of selected daffodil varieties with their characteristics. Anyone who plants these varieties will certainly remember them…

  • ‘Butter and Eggs’: double flowers, similar to roses
  • ‘Ambergate’: intense orange side crown
  • ‘Mondragon’: like an orchid, ideal for cutting in vases
  • ‘Trepolo’: propeller-like flowers
  • ‘Spellbinder’: canary yellow
  • ‘Stella’: yellow-orange, flower color changes

White flowering daffodils provide particularly delicate accents. These include, for example, the varieties:

  • ‘White Lady’: pure white and deep yellow
  • ‘Thailia: snow-white, small-crowned
  • ‘White Ideal’: white flowers, double, bluish foliage
  • ‘Acropolis’: white, filled
  • ‘Actaea’: white, orange-red in the middle


The ‘Replete’ variety has white-pink flowers. It’s sure to turn heads alongside the usually yellow, white, or orange-colored daffodils.

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