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Daffodils – When is the best time to plant

Daffodils - When is the best time to plant

Daffodils – these flowers act as harbingers of spring for many people. If you want to enjoy them on your own four walls or in the garden, you can plant them without any problems. But the question of when remains.

Plant when summer retreats

Daffodils or their bulbs should be planted early in the fall. The best time for planting has come in September.

Alternatively, daffodils can be planted later. The main thing is that there is no frost. But if you plant daffodils in spring, you should consider that they need an acclimatization phase of at least three weeks before they sprout.

Did you miss the time?

  • Store onions
  • suitable place: basement (cool and dry)
  • Place onions in soil, wrap in newspaper, or store in polystyrene
  • Onions should not touch each other (avoid risk of mold)
  • plant at the next opportunity


Once properly planted, the daffodil bulb can stay in the ground and produce flowers for many years.

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