Epsom Salt Weed Killer 100% Natural

Tired of buying weed killer products? You are quite right! Not only they are expensive … … but they also are bad for your health and the garden. Fortunately, there is a 100% natural weedkiller that is just as effective as the best weed killers on the market. All you need is white vinegar, Epsom salt, and dish soap. This powerful weedkiller is very easy to manufacture and much more

Epsom salt weed killer

Epsom salt homemade weed killer Ingredients:

1. 4 liters of white vinegar

2. 500 g of Epsom salt –

3. 60 ml of dishwashing liquid –

4. garden spray

How to start

1. Pour the white vinegar into the sprayer.

2. Add the Epsom salt.

3. Add the washing-up liquid.

4. Shake to mix well.

5. Spray directly on weeds.


Epsom salt weed killer

Epsom salt as a weed killer

There you go, never again need to buy expensive products to weed your garden anymore. Preferably spray in the morning after the dew has evaporated. Leave on and come back in the evening to see that the weeds are gone! Much more economical than anything you can buy in the store! Not to mention the fact that it’s just as drastic and definitive as chemicals or bleach. This weedkiller is very effective because it kills weeds all the way to the roots to prevent them from growing back.

This weedkiller is so effective that it will kill everything in its path! So be careful not to put it anywhere … If you are treating at the foot of a tree or a bed, consider using cardboard. This way, it’s much more precise and you avoid projections in the wrong place. Note that this weedkiller works equally well for paths, terraces, grass, gravel, garden slabs, garden path, vegetable patch, etc.

Remember to protect yourself when spraying by using gloves.

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