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Find The Best Locations For Lupins

Find The Best Locations For Lupins

Lupins are perennial, hardy ornamental shrubs that are very easy to care for and have no great demands on the location or soil. If you provide a particularly favorable place, the perennial will thank you with a rich bloom.

Flowers in the right place

In order for the lupine to produce many flowers, it needs sun. This applies to outdoor plants as well as to lupins in pots. A favorable location should offer these conditions:

  • As sunny as possible
  • Sheltered from the wind but airy
  • loose soil
  • No waterlogging

Lupins also thrive in partial shade but then remain small. Ensure that the plants are exposed to direct sunlight for at least three hours a day.

demands on the soil

Lupins are soil improvers and are therefore also used for green manure. The ornamental plants can even cope with compacted soil because the long roots penetrate almost any substrate.

If the soil is nice and loose and a little sandy, the lupine thrives particularly well. If the soil is hard, mix in some sand so that the perennial grows denser and produces more flowers.

The lupine does not tolerate waterlogging. Irrigation water and rainwater should definitely be able to run off.

Don’t plant too densely

When planting in the garden, keep a distance of 50 centimeters. Then the air can circulate between the leaves. This prevents the occurrence of powdery mildew and protects against viral infections.


If you cannot offer the lupine a place that is really sheltered from the wind, protect the flower spikes from snapping off. Tie them to support stakes or buy special planting frames that give the stems enough support even in drafts.

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