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Foxglove – Which Location Does it Prefer?

Foxglove - Which Location Does it Prefer?

It is synonymous with toxicity and yet it is popular for its colorful flowers. For you to enjoy the foxglove for a long time, it should be planted in a location that resembles its natural habitat.

location requirements

Foxgloves prefer to grow in semi-shade. But he is not demanding. It’s also satisfied with a position in full sun. It is important that it’s not exposed to persistent heat that could quickly dry out its soil. A place in the shade can also be offered to the foxglove.

Caution: Since Foxglove is extremely poisonous, it should not be planted in households or gardens with small children or free-roaming animals such as dogs and cats. There is a high risk that children and animals will get poisoned by it.

In addition to a moderate to a high amount of sunshine, a sheltered location is important for this plant. A draughty situation could quickly lead to the breaking of the tall inflorescences. But don’t overdo it: The location shouldn’t be absolutely windless.

Requirements for the substrate

In order to keep the care of the foxglove low, a suitable substrate should be chosen from the start. In addition to a permanent moderate moisture level, many nutrients are important to keep Foxgloves thriving and disease resistant. A soil with the following properties is ideal:

  • profound
  • relaxed
  • permeable
  • wet
  • rich in nutrients and humus
  • slightly sour
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