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Great ideas for designing the lawn edges

Great ideas for designing the lawn edges

Probably the most unpleasant part of lawn care is cutting off the edges of the lawn. However, this is necessary so that the lawn does not spread too much. With the right lawn edging, you not only make your work easier – you can also use it to create very decorative lawns.

Decorative ideas for the design of the lawn edges

  • Two-row stone lawn edging
  • Rustic wooden palisades
  • Simple aluminum profiles

Design lawn edges with stones

Stone is indestructible. Laying a stone lawn edge is laborious, but it is worth the effort because you no longer have to do it afterwards.

There is a large selection of suitable stone types. Dark granite, red brick, light-colored clinker, or multi-colored natural stone – you can set decorative accents in the garden with all types.

Lawn edging stones should always be set in two rows. By staggering the stones, you prevent the grass from finding its way through the joints. Make sure that the stones are as flush as possible with the lawn. This makes it easier to mow the lawn and saves you having to trim it by hand.

The rustic idea for lawn edges

Wood is a popular building material for rustic gardens. The wood care is a bit more complex, but the sight of the finished lawn edge more than makes up for this fact.

Use pressure-treated lumber and plant the palisades deep enough in the ground to prevent grassroots from spreading underneath. To prevent the roots from slipping through the gaps, you can also work plastic foil invisibly into the soil.

Aluminum profiles – the inexpensive alternative

Aluminum profiles as lawn edges are easy to care for and long-lasting. The thin sections can be easily driven into the ground and are guaranteed to prevent the lawn from spreading. However, these lawn edges are not particularly decorative.

They are therefore brought as deep into the earth as possible that they can no longer be seen. This also applies to lawn edges made of plastic or rubber. These are not as robust as aluminum and can easily break, especially in frost.


If you love natural gardens and therefore prefer the English lawn edge, you have to cut the lawn regularly. You can do that with a spade. There are also special lawn edgers that make it easy to maintain the edges.

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