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Growing Gerberas in Pots – How to Properly Care For Them

Growing Gerberas in Pots - How to Properly Care For Them

Colorful and plentiful, the Gerbera is a popular pot or cut flower, even if it’s not exactly easy to care for. The various cultivars flower in almost every color except shades of blue, are single or double, sometimes bicolored.

The ideal location

The gerbera likes it light, airy, and warm. Approx. 20 °C (68F) is ideal. The morning and/or evening sun is good for her, but the blazing midday sun is less so. It also does not tolerate drafts or dry heat particularly well.

A place above the heater on the window sill, where there is daily ventilation, is not necessarily suitable for the gerbera.

In summer, the gerbera likes to stand on the terrace or balcony, where it is warm and sheltered from the wind. However, only leave the plant outside overnight if the temperature does not fall below approx. 15 °C (59F) even at night.

plant and repot

The gerbera also has some demands on the soil. It should be well-drained, loose, and rather sandy. It is best to mix some sand into commercially available potting soil. However, frequent repotting will not do you any good.

However, it is necessary when your gerbera is no longer growing properly or its roots are beginning to grow out of the pot and the plant obviously does not have enough space.

Water and fertilize properly

The gerbera absolutely needs sufficient moisture, both in the soil and in the air. In summer, regularly add a little liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water. However, the gerbera does not like waterlogging either.

Therefore, it makes sense to water the plant regularly and ensure that excess water drains off properly.

Multiply the gerberas

The easiest way to propagate a gerbera is by dividing the root ball. If the plant gets too big, its flowering power often decreases. Then is the ideal time to share and rejuvenate. Alternatively, propagation by sowing is also possible.

The gerbera in winter

The gerbera is not hardy, so it should not spend the winter on the terrace or balcony. It is better to overwinter the plant at around 10°C to 15°C (50-59F) in a light and airy place. This hibernation is also good for a gerbera that is otherwise in the warm living room. During this time the plant can gather strength for the next flowering.


Don’t repot your gerbera too often, only when it has outgrown its pot.

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