Growing Lupins in Pots – This is the best way to do it

Growing Lupins in Pots - This is the best way to do it

Lupins are not only a great sight in ornamental gardens. They also provide colorful accents in pots or tubs on the terrace. If you pay attention to a few things, you will have many years of pleasure from the brightly colored flower panicles.

Choose small varieties

For planting in tubs, you should choose varieties that do not grow quite as tall as the lupins in the garden. There are breeds whose flowers are no higher than 80 centimeters (30 inches).

Plant multiple colors. This will really make the lupines shine.

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It has to be the right pot

There must be enough space for the long roots of the lupine. So the pot should be as deep as possible. The extension will not work in the balcony box.

If the pot does not have a drainage hole, poke several holes in the bottom of the pot. Then the excess irrigation water can drain off. The lupine does not tolerate waterlogging.

Set up buckets in a convenient location

The pot with the lupine should be as sunny as possible. However, it must not be drafty in the place, because then the long panicles break off quickly or lean towards the ground.

Don’t put the pots too close together. Air must be able to circulate to allow moisture to escape. Otherwise, you create an ideal climate for powdery mildew.

Because the hardy plants are hardy, you don’t have to overwinter lupins indoors. However, you should definitely provide winter protection, as the soil freezes through more quickly at very low temperatures and the roots can then no longer absorb water.

Potted lupins need a little more care

In contrast to keeping them in the garden, caring for lupines in pots is a little more complex. Important care measures are:

  • Water regularly
  • prevent waterlogging
  • Occasionally give some mature compost
  • Support the flower spikes if necessary

Unlike lupins in the field, the roots of lupins in pots cannot spread. They, therefore, have to be watered more frequently and fertilized occasionally.


Extend the flowering period of your lupins on the terrace by always cutting off faded panicles immediately. This encourages the formation of more flowers.

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