Hibernate Thai Basil – Tips & Care

Hibernate Thai Basil - Tips & Care

Hobby gardeners look in vain for hardy basil within the plant genus. Nevertheless, some varieties have the potential for perennial cultivation. Among the wonderful Thai basil varieties, it is primarily the Bai Maenglak that can cope with overwintering.

Prudent care creates the best conditions and a robust constitution. This is how the plan works:

  • If the mercury column falls below 12 degrees (53F) in autumn, Thai basil moves into the house
  • the winter location is sunny and warm
  • the temperatures oscillate between 18 and 22 degrees (64-71F) or more
  • water the substrate moderately
  • apply an organic liquid fertilizer at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks
  • harvest only what is needed, as basil does not flower in winter
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