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 Growing Vegetables 


Let’s find out the cultivation tips of the main vegetables, the cultivation cards will guide you in every step from sowing to harvesting, with all the useful information: the period in which to plant, various techniques and necessary works, up to the harvest, with the culinary use and properties of each vegetable.


Cultivation of fruit plants

The cultivation of fruit plants is a source of great satisfaction: whether it is a professional income activity, a family orchard, or simply a few trees in the garden.

You will find everything you need to know to manage fruiting species from planting to harvest, including pruning and protection from insects and diseases.

These cultivation cards can be useful for those who want to orient themselves in the organic cultivation of the orchard, you will find many tips that can be useful for the management of fruit-bearing plants with natural methods.

Growing aromatic herbs


In this section, you will find ideas and tips on how to grow spices in the garden, but also on the balcony. you will find guides on the cultivation of the main aromas from sowing to harvesting.

In our garden, alongside traditional vegetables, medicinal plants with beneficial properties and aromatic herbs can also be grown to enrich the dishes to be cooked with new flavors.