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How does a lawn sprinkler work?

How does a lawn sprinkler work?

A lawn sprinkler is essential for watering the lawn. Larger lawns, in particular, can only be watered very irregularly with a hose and watering can. Lawn sprinklers come in a variety of designs. However, the functional principle is almost the same everywhere.

This is how a lawn sprinkler works

A lawn sprinkler consists of several parts:

  • water supply line
  • Stand, tripod or ground spike
  • transmission
  • nozzles
  • Irrigation computer on new models

The water supply line is connected to the mains water, better still to a garden pump. The gear part is anchored to the ground using a stand, tripod, or ground spike. The water is pushed through the nozzles and sprayed over the lawn.

On the side of the gear, older units have adjustment knobs to adjust water pressure, intervals and spray width. With many sprinklers, the water pressure can also be regulated by turning on the tap to different degrees. New, electrically operated lawn sprinklers are regulated by an irrigation computer.

Find the best lawn sprinkler

When choosing a lawn sprinkler, the size and shape of the lawn play an important role. The sprinkling width should be adjusted so that really only the lawn is sprinkled and the water does not soak the street or the house walls.

There are various options for setting the nozzles. The water can be distributed over a wide area, in a circle, or in an oscillating manner. The intervals at which the nozzle head is moved back and forth can also be controlled. This prevents some parts of the lawn from being over-watered and others under-watered.

The new generation of lawn sprinklers

Technology has also made great strides in lawn irrigation. You can even have a sprinkler system laid underground. This saves handling hoses and moving the lawn sprinkler when large areas have to be watered.

New models can be controlled via the computer. The time of day can also be set, as can the length of irrigation. This is especially useful if you can’t water your lawn for a long time.


You should occasionally clean the lawn sprinkler nozzles and the built-in filters. Especially when you blast with groundwater or pond water, there are many tiny particles in the water that can clog the nozzles.

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