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How long does the lawn sprinkler have to run?

How long does the lawn sprinkler have to run?

In order to get a dense, green lawn, the grass plants need enough water. If it doesn’t rain, the lawn sprinkler has to be started in good time. But how long does it have to run so that the lawn is sufficiently watered

Do not water the lawn too much nor too little

Watering the lawn properly requires a certain amount of finesse. If the grass plants get too little water, the grass turns brown and dries up. Too much moisture is also harmful. The lawn begins to rot and moss formation and the growth of fungi are encouraged.

When you turn on the lawn sprinkler, you should know how long it has to run so that the lawn is watered sufficiently but not too much.

After a few hours, the water should have soaked the soil at least six inches deep.

A little trick to measure the required running time of the sprinkler

As a test, switch on the lawn sprinkler for a quarter of an hour. After a few hours, measure how deep the water has penetrated.

You can find out by digging out a piece of the lawn with a spade and measuring it.

For example, if the water has seeped 8 cm (3 inches) deep, you have to run the lawn sprinkler for about half an hour and then turn it off.

Save water by setting the lawn sprinkler correctly

  • Water only when necessary
  • Sprinkle lawns at night, in the morning or in the evening
  • Set runtime and water volume

You can tell whether the lawn needs to be watered by the slightly bluish discoloration of the grass. Also, footsteps on a dry lawn can be seen longer.

Don’t water the lawn during the day. Too much water evaporates from the sun and wind and increases water consumption. Especially in the early morning hours, it is particularly windless.

Do not turn on the sprinkler every day, only when necessary. Make sure that the irrigation water penetrates deep enough into the soil. Then you only need to water every fourth day or once a week, depending on the soil conditions.


Adjust your lawn sprinkler so that it actually only waters the lawn and not the sidewalks or even the street. This reduces the running time of the sprinkler and at the same time reduces water consumption.

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