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How to care for your nasturtium – the most important tips

How to care for your nasturtium - the most important tips

With its decorative yellow-orange flowers, the large nasturtium is an eye-catcher in every garden. There are now numerous breeds of nasturtium that deviate significantly from this usual picture and make this plant genus interesting for many gardeners.

The right floor

Nasturtium likes a somewhat loamy, not particularly nutrient-rich soil, which can also be somewhat calcareous and slightly sandy. Sowing can be done directly outdoors after the ice saints. If this time is too late for you, you can also prefer the nasturtium in the pot. Garden soil or special growing soil can be used for this.

The seeds

You can get nasturtium seeds in the supermarket, but only the most common varieties. If you want something special, look for it in nurseries or seeds.

You can also order the seeds of very decorative and unusual types of nasturtium from some specialist retailers on the Internet. It is definitely worth investing a little time in the search.

The Sowing

Nasturtium grows very well from seed. These are so large that they can be easily inserted individually. So you can sow them in their final location around mid-May after the ice saints. After about a week or two, the first seedlings should appear.

Of course, it is also possible to grow nasturtiums in pots from March. Put two or three seeds in each pot. After you have watered them well, cover the pot with foil or put a large glass jar over it until the seeds have germinated.

The planting out

As soon as the ice saints are over in mid-May, you can put your nasturtiums outdoors. It is best to give her a sunny to semi-shady location, it will feel very comfortable there. But she even thrives in the shade or on the north wall of your home. It is precisely in these places that you will certainly appreciate their decorative flowers.

The nasturtium is also ideal for planting a decorative privacy screen. Put a climbing aid aside for this. You can do this when sowing or even later. However, the plant should not be too old and not have formed long tendrils.


Give your nasturtium a climbing aid to the side, so you can create a decorative privacy screen in your garden.

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