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How To Get Rid of Weeds Without a Weed Killer

Weeding the garden can sometimes become a tedious operation, especially During the spring, when the strange impression of seeing the grass grow visibly despite previous efforts to get rid of it.


Here are some tips for weeding your garden that will save you a lot of hassle with environment-friendly techniques.


Best way to remove weed


1- Cover large areas with a black plastic sheet or cardboard to deprive the plants of light. Without it, they will not be able to grow and will die. All you have to do is work the earth to extract the roots.

2- Pour boiling water over the troublesome weeds. If the water contains salt, it’s even faster! This technique is well suited to small areas and gaps between paving.

3- Use a thermal weed killer. The temperature between 60 and 90 ° C will quickly suppress weeds. Just like tip 2, this technique is ideal for treating small areas or the edges of aisles.

4- Abundantly mulch your beds and the base of vegetable plants. Use a mulch that is at least 20 cm thick for the technique to be effective. Whether mineral or vegetable, this mulch will prevent weed growth while maintaining good soil moisture, thus limiting watering.

5- Cut the weeds before they go to seed, so they cannot germinate on the ground when their time has come. This will limit future invasion and will be able to add the wild herbs to the compost pile safely.



Best way to remove weed

6- Occupy the space by planting ground cover plants. Small bamboos, Spanish grass, Alyssa, St. John’s wort, yarrow, will be perfect for covering an area and will no longer leave room for weeds.

7- Sow green manure in the vegetable garden or on the areas of the garden left free. While nourishing the soil, green manures provide good coverage and prevent weed growth. They also have the quality of preventing leaching of the soil in winter.

8- Hoe the surface of the soil very regularly to kill the weeds as soon as they appear. In addition to the classic hoe, you can use a weeder or a scraper, very practical, and effective tools, especially in the aisles.

9- Use an asparagus gouge to extract the taproots of some plants. This will make work easier and effortless. With this method, there is no risk of leaving the root in the ground!

10- If you want to use a weedkiller, choose one that can be used for organic farming. They work well if you use them after a nice sunny day.


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