How to trim lawn edges regularly

A beautiful, green lawn only looks well cared for when its edges are straight and clean. If you have not laid a mowing edge made of lawn stones for edging, you must cut the lawn edges at least every eight weeks.

Trim lawn edges regularly

In a natural garden, most hobby gardeners prefer the so-called English lawn edge. This is nothing more than the seamless transition from the lawn to the flower beds, sidewalks, or driveways.

The grass is not prevented from spreading. The first tufts of grass quickly appear on the beds or paths and the lawn edges look tattered.

At the latest every eight weeks, you have to use a spade or lawn hoe to clean the edge. In order to get a really straight lawn edge, it is best to pull a string that you can work along.

Select types of grass that do not overgrow as much

Before you create a new lawn, you should think about the type of lawn. Some grasses form fewer stolons. They are particularly advantageous if you prefer an English lawn edging in the garden.

Prick the lawn edge with the flat spade

If the lawn edges in your garden are very long, you should get a flat spade in addition to the lawn edger. This one has a wider blade, so you can progress much faster with it.

A normal spade is also suitable for working longer lawn edges, but the blade is usually slightly rounded. You can’t pierce a really straight edge with this.

Basically, you should only use spades and diggers that are really sharp and cut the sod cleanly. This makes the work a lot less tiring. Grind blunt spade blades beforehand.

Fill in-floor differences from time to time

By cutting off the lawn edges, a lot of soil is lost at the edges. Over time, the lawn will be several inches higher than the edge.

Therefore, once a year, fill the gaps with topsoil or garden soil to regain a level.


If you want to save yourself the hassle of cutting off the edges of the lawn, lay a lawn mowing edge to border the lawn. It doesn’t just look decorative. A low mowing edge prevents the lawn from overflowing and can even be driven on with a lawnmower.

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