Is Basil Carcinogenic? Negative & Positive effects

Is Basil Carcinogenic? Negative & Positive effects

The scientists’ findings make one sit up and take notice and deserve closer examination. Under certain conditions, basil has a mutagenic and carcinogenic effect. Find out more about the details here.

Estragole essential oil under suspicion

The mint family basil is valued worldwide as an aromatic spice. It is the essential oils in particular that contribute to the inimitable taste of the leaves. In animal experiments, scientists found out that estragole can have a carcinogenic effect, among other things.

Institutions around the world, therefore, issued a warning that this substance should no longer be contained in tea mixtures for infants and small children.

So far, there has been a lack of detailed knowledge of any health-endangering effects on humans. The warning is therefore purely a precautionary measure. If the harmful amounts are extrapolated from the test animals to a human, the questionable threshold is exceeded from a quantity of 20 basil leaves per day. Nobody will eat such a quantity voluntarily.

Positive aspects outweigh

There is nothing wrong with continuing to use basil as an aromatic herb. In addition to the legendary seasoning power, basil scores with other beneficial attributes that are based on decades of experience in naturopathy:

  • Basil stimulates the appetite
  • Flatulence and stomach pressure are relieved
  • the nerves are steeled and the mind is calmed
  • contained sesquiterpenes have an anti-inflammatory effect in the throat
  • As an alcoholic extract, basil has a wound-healing effect
  • Headaches subside
  • the ingredient linalool lifts the mood

First and foremost, basil is a delicious ingredient in Mediterranean dishes, fish, meat, salads, poultry, and soups. Since the herbal plant thrives in pots on the balcony, it can be harvested throughout the summer.

Anything that doesn’t go straight into the saucepan can easily be preserved by drying, pickling, or freezing.


If annoying wasps or mosquitoes spoil your stay on the balcony or terrace, get the help of basil without further ado. Simply put a bouquet on the table and the pests will make a floor around the seat. The small miracles are accomplished by the essential oils that royal herb exudes around itself.

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