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Is Foxglove Toxic to Dogs?

Is Foxglove Toxic to Dogs?

Foxglove is known to be toxic to humans. Consumption can result in cardiac arrest and subsequent death. But what about pets like dogs?

Effects of Consumption

Anyone who has planted foxgloves in their garden should not have pets or children. The most popular pets, the dogs, are affected by the consumption of this plant as follows:

  • Vomit
  • (bloody and watery) diarrhea
  • cardiac arrhythmias
  • drowsiness and staggering
  • pale irritated mucous membranes

Which substance and which dose are dangerous?

It’s the heart poison called digitalis. For dogs of average size, the lethal dose is 5 g of dried leaves. This herb is also poisonous to animals such as cats, rabbits, hamsters, horses, and birds.


Because the foxglove is a perennial it can be hard to spot in the first year of its life. Even if the flowers only form in the second year, the plant is highly toxic at all times.

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