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Is nasturtium poisonous?

Is nasturtium poisonous?

The nasturtium is not poisonous, on the contrary: it is very tasty and is even used as a remedy and household remedy against various infectious diseases and to increase the immune system. Occasional nibbling on it will not harm your pets either.

Which parts of the nasturtium are edible?

The leaves of the nasturtium are edible, but some find the taste a bit musty. They are just as suitable as the flowers as an ingredient for a fresh salad. Here their taste is rather spicy and slightly hot. The leaves can also be used to make tea to strengthen the immune system.

You can use the unopened buds of the nasturtium as a substitute for capers. The unripe seeds are also suitable for this type of preparation. They are boiled with a mixture of water, salt, and vinegar.

Edible parts of the nasturtium:

  • leaves
  • blossoms
  • buds
  • Together

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