Lawn replacement is only partially walkable

Lawn replacement is only partially walkable

Some gardeners would like to save themselves time-consuming maintenance work by creating a replacement lawn. However, he must bear in mind that most ground cover and cushion perennials are only partially step-resistant.

A lawn substitute is therefore primarily suitable as an ornamental lawn.

Hardwearing ground cover for lawn replacement

When it comes to plants that are suitable as a lawn replacement, experts distinguish between hard-wearing and walkable plants. Tread resistance means that the ground cover and cushion perennials also tolerate frequent, firm foot traffic.

On the other hand, types that are classified as walkable should only be walked on rarely, if at all, and carefully. Hardwearing varieties include:

  • Chamomile, especially Roman chamomile
  • All thyme varieties
  • Pennyroyal
  • feather pads
  • star moss

Lawn replacement that should only be walked on with caution:

  • hazel root
  • nettle species
  • wood sorrel

Running roads due to frequent use

If you are planning to plant a replacement lawn, you should consider that even plants classified as hardwearing are much more sensitive than real lawns.

The areas should not be walked on too often, otherwise ugly walkways will form. If the replacement lawn has to be crossed frequently, you should lay stepping stones as a path.

Exceptions include Roman chamomile and star moss. Roman chamomile is said to grow stronger the more often it is trampled on. With Sternmoos, walking on the surface prevents the plants from detaching from the ground and having to be pressed down again.

Do not walk over the replacement lawn with bare feet

It is often recommended that you only walk on the replacement lawn barefoot. This is very gentle on the plants, but not entirely harmless for the feet.

Bees and wasps like to visit flowering ground covers in particular. Painful stitches in the soles of the feet are often the result.

Therefore, only walk on a flowering lawn substitute with suitable footwear.

A lawn replacement is particularly useful in small gardens

Basically, it can be said that a lawn replacement can only replace an ornamental lawn. Lawn substitutes are an alternative to a real lawn, especially on very small plots of land that are too shady or too sunny.


The carpet verbena “Summer-Pearls” imported from Japan is one of the few plants for replacement turf that is characterized by high tread resistance. It even tolerates the occasional soccer game without forming unsightly runways.

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