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Laying a lawn mowing edge correctly

Laying a lawn mowing edge correctly

Each lawn borders other beds, sidewalks, or walls. Without demarcation, the grass plants overgrow paths and beds. To prevent the overflow, it is best to lay a lawn mowing edge. At the same time, it makes lawn care easier.

Setting the lawn mowing edge – what you need for this

  • lawn edging stones
  • spade
  • plaster hammer
  • level
  • folding rule
  • Possibly a string

Select lawn stones for the mowing edge

The garden trade has a large selection of lawn stones ready. It ranges from large natural stones to flatter paving stones to plastic foils and aluminum profiles.

Lawn edging stones only keep the lawn roots in check if they reach at least ten centimeters, preferably 15 cm (5.8 inches), deep into the earth after the work is complete.

You have to calculate how many stones you need. To do this, draw the edge of the lawn mowing and measure it with a ruler. Divide the result by the width of the stones. For curves, you need about ten percent more lawn edging stones.

Straight or curved edges

For straight edges, use a string so that the lawn mowing edge is really straight. You have to design curves by hand. A cardboard template can be helpful here.

Set lawn mowing edge

Use the spade to dig up enough earth so that you can lay a small foundation of sand if necessary, and the stones protrude a maximum of one to two centimeters above the soil surface.

This height difference is not noticeable when mowing. You can later simply cut the lawn edging stones with the lawnmower. Use the spirit level to check that the mowing edge is correctly aligned.

If you want to be quiet from lawn in beds or on paths for a long time, you should lay two rows of stones staggered so that the grassroots cannot squeeze through the gaps.

Place stones as close together as possible

Now place the stones as close together as possible and tap them with the paving hammer.

Fill up the sides with dirt and kick them well so that the mowing edge does not shift or the stones cannot fall over.


Even in front of a wall, a lawn mowing edge helps with lawn care. If you create a slightly wider edge here, you can easily shorten the lawn with the lawnmower.

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