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Level an uneven lawn – Tips & Tricks

Level an uneven lawn - Tips & Tricks

There are no flat surfaces by nature because irregularities are caused by vegetation and the burrowing activities of animals. Such structures are not desirable in the garden, so a lawn straightening is necessary, especially on newly acquired plots of land.

fill in imperfections

With this method, you can even out irregularities without digging up the ground. The existing lawn is retained and can continue to develop. A disadvantage is that you have to repeat the measures until your lawn has reached a level.

How to proceed:

  • Cut lawn in depressions as short as possible
  • Fill in a layer of soil one to two centimeters thick
  • spread some lawn fertilizer
  • Press the soil gently with your foot
  • Repeat the process when the grass has grown through

Refrain from rolling the areas. The more compacted the substrate, the poorer the lawn will develop. By filling the holes in the lawn in one go, you reduce the amount of work. Enrich the soil mixture directly with lawn seeds, as the existing grass grows very slowly through the substrate in the case of deeper unevenness.

Break up or dig up the surface

A more radical measure is recommended for profound and extensive differences in height. This is the case when molehills and sags characterize the garden through underground passages. Break up the lawn with a plow or loosen it with a shovel. You can then spread the soil evenly to create a flat surface.

flatten the plane

Stick wooden sticks into the ground at even intervals and stretch strings between the pillars. Then use a straightedge with a length of two to three meters and use it to pull off the substrate. This construction serves as a rough guide to form a smooth surface. A long spirit level offers an alternative.

So that the next rain does not ruin the hard work, you need to compact the surface with a light roller. Too much soil compaction means that the grasses will not grow unevenly and adequately later.


Some hand rollers can be filled with water, allowing you to apply moderate pressure to the ground.

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