Linden: It Soothes Anxieties

The lime tree(Linden) is a large tree of the Tiliaceae family which grows in European woods and which can be found in our urban parks and gardens. In herbal medicine, its flowers, leaves, and part of its bark, the sapwood, are used for their many health benefits and virtues.

Linden: it soothes anxieties

Linden and its health benefits

  • Sedativediuretic, and antispasmodic,  the flowers of linden are recommended for their virtues on the nervous system and digestive system. In the evening, an infusion of lime blossom (5 g of flowers per cup of boiling water) promotes slow and complicated digestions, soothes anxieties, relieves headaches, and allows insomniacs to regain sleep (especially in case of stress ).
  •  The sapwood of the lime tree stimulates the work of the liver, regulates bile secretion, and improves the functioning of the kidneys.
  • Linden is an excellent remedy for the flu and colds. It lowers fever, decreases nasal secretions, and soothes headaches and accompanying stiffness.
  • Just before bedtime, a  linden blossom bath seems to calm restless children but also adults who suffer from nervous fatigueinsomnia, or anxiety.
  • If itching or dry skin to dry patches and small buttons, a lotion-based decoction of linden flowers for use in beauty water soothes the skin (50 g of dried flowers to boil a liter ‘water).

Linden: it soothes anxieties

Growing linden for its benefits

  • This tree, which can reach 40 meters in height and live for several centuries, needs non-scorching sun and well-ventilated space. It appreciates deep, cool (even humid) and consistent soils, even limestone.
  • Be careful, the lime tree attracts all kinds of foraging insects: be sure to place it away from the house.

Linden in the kitchen for its benefits

  • The flowers and young leaves of linden can be incorporated into a salad, but linden is especially appreciated for the taste of its flowers tasted infusion.
  • The linden honey has a very strong and slightly bitter taste, is recommended for people anxious, nervous, or insomniacs.


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