Macadamia: Queen of Nuts With a Thousand Benefits and Virtues

Still called ”  Queensland nuts  “, the macadamia nut is the fruit of the “Queensland walnut”.

It is a beautiful evergreen tree, native to the  Australian rainforests. The macadamia tree produces fruits very rich in oil, the use of which is food and cosmetics.

Indeed, it has long been used in cosmetics by Hawaiian women, macadamia nut has unsuspected medicinal properties.

Macadamia: queen of nuts with a thousand virtues

Macadamia, for the record

Discovered 5000 years ago in Australia by aborigines, they gave it the name of “Kindal Kindal”. They made it the basis of their diet.

The macadamia nut was rediscovered later in 1858 by botanists – Walter Hill and Ferdinand von Müller – came to research the northeast of Australia.

A tasty fruit, the macadamia nut is now cultivated in Guatemala, New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya, South Africa, San Francisco, and of course, Australia.

Characteristics of macadamia nuts

Still called “Macadamia Integrifolia”, the macadamia is a tree that can reach 15 meters high. It has elongated, tough leaves edged with widely spaced teeth.

As for the macadamia nut, it is round and has a thick, smooth, marbled brown color and very resistant shell. When ripe, it cracks and reveals a round, white edible almond.

Macadamia: queen of nuts with a thousand virtues

Benefits of macadamia nuts

Oilseed dried fruit containing vitamins (A, B1, B2, E) and unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3).

It is also rich in fiber, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, palmitoleic acid and trace elements.

The macadamia nut is considered the “Queen of Nuts” in Europe.

Renowned for its antioxidant and energetic properties, it helps to:

  • reduce bad cholesterol,
  • prevent type 2 diabetes,
  • fight against fatigue.

Its magnesium, calcium, and potassium content contributes to the proper functioning of the heartkidneysnervous system,  but also to the regulation of blood pressure and muscle contraction.

Thanks to the phosphorus, calcium, and zinc it contains, macadamia nut helps to:

  • renew cells,
  • maintain healthy bones and teeth,
  • ensure the growth of organs and the proper functioning of the immune system.

As for the palmitoleic acid in Queensland nut oil, it provides well-being and ensures longevity.

Macadamia: queen of nuts with a thousand virtues

Use of macadamia nut

Contraindicated in people allergic to dried fruits or nuts, macadamia almond is eaten plain, grilled, sweet, or salty as an aperitif.

Sometimes caramelized in ice cream, cookies,  cakes, or even crushed, they are also very popular in salads.

Cooked, macadamia seeds sometimes go well with rice, fish, seafood, or vegetable-based dishes.

For the pleasure of their taste buds, some eat them ground, in butter form (or spread).

In cosmetics, macadamia nut oil is known to nourish hair and maintain healthysoft, and shiny skin.



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