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Never Throw Your Coffee Grounds Again

Coffee grounds are full of nutrients and unexpected benefits for outdoor use and even at home! Do not throw them away, rather keep them safe for later use.

Never throw your coffee grounds again

Coffee grounds at home

Coffee grounds are well known to absorb bad odors, just place them in a cup to use them as a natural deodorant. In the fridge, in a cupboard, a shoe cabinet, a laundry room, or a constantly closed room, they will absorb stubborn odors.

Coffee grounds can also be used as a cleaning product if mixed with lukewarm water. they are thus effective for cleaning objects using a soft brush. they are used to clean greasy containers, pots, and dishes in general.

The same preparation can be used on wooden furniture to polish them and remove very fine scratches.

Never throw your coffee grounds again

Coffee grounds in the beauty industry

The small beans in the coffee grounds are an ingredient of choice for gentle exfoliation. For this, mix a tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of sweet almond oil for one tablespoon of coffee grounds. Gently massage your face and neck with this exfoliating mask then rinse thoroughly.

The effects of caffeine on cellulite are recognized. Mix hot coffee grounds with olive oil. Brush the areas affected by cellulite then maintain this slimming cream with cellophane. Keep the poultice for at least 20 minutes.

Coffee grounds revive the shine of dull brown hair. After shampooing, apply a mask made from coffee grounds and a little shea butter. Leave to act and then rinse thoroughly. Your hair will regain all its shine.

Never throw your coffee grounds again

Coffee grounds in the garden

Coffee grounds are rich in potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, so they can be used as fertilizer at the base of houseplants or in the garden.

It is known to repel insects like ants, aphids, flies.

It makes the ground unpleasant for the gliding of the gastropods which will pass their way!

Cats don’t like it either, if you sprinkle it over your recent seedlings they won’t come scratching.


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