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Overwintering Daffodils – is it necessary?

Overwintering Daffodils - is it necessary?

Summer is near its end. Autumn time is coming. Many plants in the garden will soon have to be made frost-proof or placed indoors. The question arises: Do daffodils also have to be overwintered

Most daffodils are hardy

Most types of daffodil, such as the yellow daffodil and the poet’s daffodil, are hardy in this country. Jonquils and angel’s tears daffodils are considered conditionally hardy. These species should only stay outside in mild climates during the winter. A layer of mulch and/or soil can protect them from excessive frost and snow.

Over summer daffodil bulbs

Potted daffodils should be over summer. To prevent the bulb from drying out:

  • dig up onions from June
  • Remove remaining plant parts from it
  • brush off excess soil
  • let air dry briefly
  • over summer in a cool, shady place
  • Plant again from September


Potted daffodils should be kept in the basement in winter, or their bulbs should be dug up and stored frost-free.

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