Planting Gerberas – The Little Guide

Planting Gerberas - The Little Guide

Gerbera is usually grown as a houseplant or in a bucket on the balcony or patio. However, the plant also cuts a fine figure in the flower bed. What you should consider when planting gerberas.

Which location does gerbera prefer?

Gerbera is native to the tropics. It, therefore, needs a lot of light and air. It likes a sunny location, but should still not get blazing midday sun. Find a spot in the garden that’s a bit shady at midday, or shade the flower window.

What should the potting soil be like?

Garden soil should be loose, nutritious, and well-drained. When planting in pots or tubs, some sand or perlite will ensure permeability. Too lean soil is refined with some mature compost.

When is the best planting time?

It is best to plant gerberas in a flower pot in spring. If you want to keep gerberas in the flower bed, you can plant them outdoors from the end of May.

How is gerbera planted correctly?

Do not plant the plant too deep in the ground. The upper part of the root crown is not covered

When does the gerbera bloom?

Outdoors, the gerbera blooms from May to October if the location and care are right. On the window sill, it blooms continuously with the exception of a short winter break. There are even cases where plants developed new flowers throughout the year.

How is gerbera propagated?

Propagation is either via

  • seed
  • root division
  • cuttings

You can get seeds from your gerbera yourself. It is easier to divide the roots of older plants in late autumn and keep the sections in a glass of water until the first small root shoots appear. In the spring they can then be transplanted into a flower pot. Cutting cuttings is recommended for propagating rare varieties.

Is gerbera hardy?

With the exception of the “Garvinea” variety, gerberas are not hardy and must be overwintered indoors.


If you want to grow gerberas from seed, make sure the seed is fresh. Gerbera seeds lose their ability to germinate after a short time.

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