Planting Lupine in Garden or Pot – Guide & Tips

Planting Lupine in Garden or Pot - Guide & Tips

With the long panicles of flowers in many beautiful colors, lupins are a real eye-catcher in every garden. But they can also be cared for several years in the pot on the terrace. You can’t go wrong when planting.

What should the site and soil be like?

  • Sunny to semi-shady
  • Sheltered place
  • Warm location
  • permeable soil
  • Not too nutritious soil
  • Slightly acidic soil substrate

The more sun it gets, the more comfortable the lupine feels. However, the location must be sheltered from the wind so that the long panicles do not break so quickly.

The perennial does not get too wet soil. If necessary, mix in some sand.

Which planting distance is recommended?

Lupins should not be too close together to prevent powdery mildew. Keep a distance of about half a meter between the plants.

How are lupins planted correctly?

Dig a planting hole at least as deep as the root that the plant has formed. Insert them carefully so that the root does not snap off.

Tread the soil carefully and water the lupine more frequently in the first few days. Avoid waterlogging. Later, the lupine no longer needs to be watered.

When is the flowering time of the lupine?

The main flowering period of the lupine lasts from the end of May to August. You can achieve a second flowering period if you always cut off all faded inflorescences immediately.

Can lupins also be grown in pots?

Lupins develop very long roots. Therefore, you should choose smaller varieties if you want to grow lupins in pots. However, the pots or tubs should be as deep as possible so that the plant can develop its characteristic long inflorescences. When cared for in a pot, the lupine needs winter protection.

How are lupins propagated?

Propagation is by seed, root division, and cuttings. When collecting and sowing seeds, you must note that, unlike the seeds of the yellow lupine, they are poisonous and do not belong in the hands of children.

The roots of the lupine grow very long. That is why you have to be very careful when dividing the roots so that they do not break.

Which neighbors do lupins get along well with?

Lupins improve the nitrogen supply of the soil with their nodules on the roots. That’s why they actually get along well with all flowers. They set special effects in addition to:

  • sunflowers
  • roses
  • delphinium
  • cosmea
  • Colorful summer flowers


Lupins look particularly beautiful in the perennial border as a background planting. The flowers shine in many pastel shades and can reach a height of 120 centimeters (46 inches) in the garden. Smaller flower perennials are particularly effective in front of them

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