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Protect Nasturtium From Snails? Here’s How

Procter nasturtium from snails? Here's How

Snails are one of the biggest nuisances for many garden owners. No wonder, then, if they try to fight them by all means. But not everyone wants to use chemicals in their garden. Maybe the nasturtium can help here?

Unfortunately, experts disagree on this point. Some think that snails spare nasturtiums; others believe that snails like nasturtiums and they can even be used to protect other plants from snails.

The nasturtium as a lure

At least for lice, you can use the nasturtium as a lure. It is so popular with aphids that it keeps them away from other potentially more valuable plants nearby. For this reason, nasturtiums are often planted between roses or next to rose beds, for example.

Of course, these plants are not suitable for consumption, but they are decorative nonetheless. Plant the nasturtiums you want to use for consumption somewhere else in your vegetable garden. There you will keep pests such as snails and lice away as much as possible.

The best snail protection

The best ecological protection against snails is still collecting and destroying the snails. Especially when a heavy downpour follows a long dry period, you should start looking for snails. You will surely be able to count on success.

Animals such as birds, hedgehogs, or slowworms, will help keep your garden almost snail-free. Also make sure that the soil is fine and crumbly, as snails don’t particularly like it.

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