Reduce the water consumption of the lawn sprinkler

Reduce the water consumption of the lawn sprinkler

Water is a precious commodity. However, you cannot do without watering the lawn with a lawn sprinkler if you want a beautiful green ornamental or landscape lawn. This reduces water consumption.

Don’t blast too often

Don’t water your lawn every day. Even when it is dry, it is enough to blast the green area only every four days or once a week.

Adjust the sprinkler to water the lawn long enough during watering times. It is optimal when the water has penetrated up to 15 cm (5.8 inches) into the ground after a few hours.

Blast early in the morning, at night, or in the evening. This reduces water consumption because less moisture evaporates from the sun and wind.


Lawn selection can also help save water. Sow hardy varieties that need less water.

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