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Separate lawns and beds with lawn edges

Separate lawns and beds with lawn edges

A well-manicured lawn tends to spill over into neighboring beds. To prevent this, you should limit the lawn edges with bed edging. This not only creates order but also makes it easier to care for the lawn edge.

The most common methods for lawn edging

  • English lawn edge
  • Paved lawn edge
  • Metal lawn edge
  • Plastic lawn edging
  • Rubber lawn edge

The English lawn edge

It is most commonly found in gardens. The transition to the bed is fluid. In order to prevent the lawn from spreading uncontrollably, the lawn edge must be cut off with a sharp spade every four to six weeks.

This is quite labor-intensive and makes lawn care considerably more difficult. To do this, place a straight board on the lawn and pierce along it so that you get a lawn edge that is as straight as possible.

Lawn edges made of paving stones or bricks

Lawn edges made of stones are also a particularly decorative bed border. Depending on the garden style, you have a variety of stone types to choose from. The edge can also be laid in curves so that you can create curved beds.

Stone lawn edges can also be set after the lawn has been laid. Use the spade to dig a trench as deep as the stones are long. Then insert the stones, fill in the soil and tap them down with a rubber mallet.

Metal lawn edges

If the bed edging should not be visible, metal lawn edges are the solution. Suitable materials are stainless steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel. Although the profiles are very thin, they form an impenetrable barrier for the turf.

The robust lawn edges are simply driven into the ground with a rubber mallet.

Plastic or rubber lawn edges

They are the cheap alternative to metal or stone as they are made from recycled material. They are available on rolls. To get them into the ground, a groove must be dug with a spade.


If possible, lay lawn edges made of stone, metal, plastic, or rubber in such a way that they protrude a maximum of two centimeters above the ground. This makes working with the lawnmower easier. You then do not have to trim the edges by hand.

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