Strawberry Picking in Winston Salem : A Guide to the 5+ Best Farms and Tips for a Successful Trip

Berry aficionados! Are you ready to embark on an irresistibly sweet journey through the world of strawberry picking in and around Winston-Salem, North Carolina?

Well, buckle up, because I’ve got the ultimate guide to help you discover some of the most charming farms where you can handpick the plumpest, juiciest strawberries in the Piedmont Triad region.

So, let’s kick up some dust and ride into the sunset as we explore the delightful realm of Winston-Salem Strawberry Picking!

In North Carolina, strawberry season typically begins in late April and lasts through May, with some variation depending on local weather conditions.

During this time, you can find fresh strawberries at local farmers’ markets, pick-your-own strawberry farms, and grocery stores.

To enjoy the freshest and most flavorful strawberries, it’s best to visit local farms and markets during the peak of the season. Keep in mind that the exact timing of the season may change from year to year due to fluctuations in temperature and rainfall.

Best Strawberry Farms in Winston Salem

1. North Asbury Farm

2. Millstone Creek Orchards

3. Smith’s Strawberry Farm

4. J.R. Jones Farm

5. Rudd Farm

Please note that the distances are approximate and may vary depending on your starting point within Winston Salem.

Additionally, make sure to check each farm’s website or contact them directly for information about their strawberry picking season, hours of operation, and any special guidelines they may have in place.

Cost of Strawberry Picking in Winston Salem NC

The cost of strawberry picking in North Carolina can vary depending on the farm or U-pick location. Typically, prices are determined by the weight of the strawberries you pick.

Prices can range from $2 to $4 per pound, although some farms may offer discounts for larger quantities or charge a flat fee for a specific container size.

In addition to the cost of the strawberries themselves, some farms may require a small entrance fee, which usually ranges from $1 to $5 per person.

This fee often covers access to the farm, parking, and sometimes additional amenities like picnic areas or children’s play areas.

Always call ahead or visit the farm’s website to confirm the latest pricing and availability before planning your strawberry picking adventure in Winston Salem.

Tips for Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking is a fun and enjoyable activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here are some tips to make your strawberry picking experience in Winston Salem a success:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Apply sunscreen and bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Bring a basket or container to hold your strawberries.
  • Check with the farm before you go to make sure they are open and have strawberries available for picking.
  • Arrive early in the morning to avoid the heat and crowds.

When picking strawberries:

  • Look for bright red strawberries that are firm to the touch.
  • Check the bottom of the strawberry to make sure it is not moldy or rotten.
  • Use a gentle twisting motion to remove the strawberry from the plant.
  • Avoid picking strawberries with white or green tips, as they are not fully ripe.

After you have finished picking strawberries:

  • Pay for your strawberries at the farm stand or designated area.
  • Wash your strawberries thoroughly before eating or using them in recipes.
  • Store your strawberries in the refrigerator and eat them within a few days.

By following these tips, you can have a successful and enjoyable strawberry picking experience in Winston Salem.

North Carolina Strawberry Festivals

North Carolina hosts a variety of strawberry festivals to celebrate the strawberry season. Some popular ones include:

North Carolina Strawberry Festival

This festival is held in Chadbourn, North Carolina, usually in the first weekend of May. It features a variety of events, including a parade, live music, food vendors, arts and crafts, and family-friendly activities. Check their website or social media for updates on the exact dates and details:

Fort Mill Strawberry Festival

Taking place in Fort Mill, South Carolina, which is just across the border from Charlotte, North Carolina, this festival occurs in early May. It offers a variety of attractions such as live entertainment, a car show, a pageant, a 5K run, and, of course, plenty of strawberry-themed food. Visit their website for more information:

Strawberry Day at the State Farmers Market

This event takes place at the State Farmers Market in Raleigh, North Carolina, usually in mid-May. Visitors can enjoy a variety of strawberry-themed dishes, sample fresh strawberries, and participate in family-friendly activities. For more information, visit the market’s website:

These are just a few examples of the strawberry festivals you might encounter in North Carolina. Be sure to check local event listings, as there may be smaller, community-based strawberry festivals and events happening in your area during the strawberry season.

Strawberry Picking FAQs

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