The best location for nasturtiums

The best location for nasturtiums

The nasturtium prefers a sunny to semi-shady location but also thrives quite well in the shade. It may bloom a little more sparsely there, but that depends on the variety you plant and also the soil.

The luxuriantly climbing nasturtium requires a relatively large amount of space, but there are also more compact varieties for smaller gardens or for planting in window boxes or pots. So practically every gardener has the opportunity to grow this tasty and medicinal plant in his garden. The care is quite uncomplicated and the culinary use is very diverse.

The ideal soil for nasturtiums

The nasturtium does not need very nutrient-rich soil. On the contrary! If it is doing too well in this respect, it will produce plenty of leaves and grow luxuriantly, but will hardly produce any flowers. It is, therefore, better to plant your nasturtium in a nutrient-poor, slightly loamy but well-drained soil.

Possibly mix a little sand or fine gravel under the garden soil. Although the nasturtium needs a lot of water, it does not tolerate waterlogging. You can completely do without fertilizer outdoors. Only potted plants that grow luxuriantly may need a small dose of liquid fertilizer, but only once a month.

The essentials in brief:

  • if possible sunny to semi-shady location
  • much water
  • no waterlogging
  • no fertilizer outdoors
  • little fertilizer for potted plants


Nasturtiums do thrive in the shade, but if you give them a spot in the sun, you’re more likely to see a profusion of flowers.

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