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The lawn is dry – Now what?

The lawn is dry - Now what?

It hasn’t rained for a long time, you’ve been away for a few days – and find that your lawn is completely dry. What can you do now and how do you prevent this from happening in the future?

Signs of a dry lawn

When the lawn looks brown and dried up, it’s almost too late. The actual dehydration started much earlier.

You can tell that the lawn is too dry by the following signs:

  • Grass tips curl up
  • Grass turns bluish
  • Footsteps on the lawn are visible for a long time

Don’t irrigate the lawn every day, water it sufficiently

If you don’t moisturize your lawn in time, it will take a long time before it forms a dense green carpet again. Drying out also creates gaps in which weeds immediately spread.

Daily blasting with little water is unfavorable because the water then does not seep deep enough. It is better to pour enough water so that the roots, which can reach up to 15 cm (5.8 inches), can absorb enough liquid.

For large lawns, it is worth installing a lawn sprinkler that uses sensors to detect when the lawn needs to be watered.

The lawn is brown even though you watered it

In midsummer, it can also happen that the lawn looks completely brown and dried up, even though you have watered it. You may have watered at the wrong time.

In the hot summer sun, the water drops on the grass act like a magnifying glass and burn the leaves.

You should therefore only water in the early morning hours, at night or – if there is no other option – in the evening.

Do not cut the grass too short or mulch

Don’t cut the lawn too short in the summer. Longer weed leaves do not dry out as quickly as very short ones. An alternative is the so-called mulch mowing.

You simply leave the cut grass on the lawn to protect it from drying out. Make sure, however, that the grass remains are only a few millimeters long. You may have to start the lawnmower more often.


Dry spots in the lawn can be repaired very well with rolled turf. The pre-grown lawn can be cut to fit and close the gaps.

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