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The most beautiful clematis species and their flowering time

The most beautiful clematis species and their flowering time

In order for magnificent clematis to adorn the garden from spring to autumn, a clever combination of species after their flowering period is important. This overview presents you with the most beautiful types of clematis and names the flowering period.

Spring-blooming clematis – a rush of flowers from April

While the garden is still rubbing its hibernation out of its eyes, the following clematis species already present their most beautiful blossoms from April to June:

  • Clematis Alpina, the robust wild species from the Alps
  • Clematis macropetala, immigrated to us from China

These types of clematis also have the potential for a second flowering in August/September.

Summer-blooming clematis – large flowers from May

  • Clematis Montana delights with large flowers from May to August
  • Clematis viticella: Varieties of the Italian clematis flower from June to September

Then there is Clematis texensis with a long flowering period from June to October, which is excellent as a ground cover. Since this clematis does not climb and freezes back in winter, it has more of a perennial character.

Late-blooming clematis – full of color until autumn

  • Clematis Florida: the different varieties bloom from June, sometimes until September or even the end of October
  • Clematis orientalis: the entire group impresses with a long flowering period from June until well into autumn

To ensure that the late-flowering clematis do their best again next year, they are cut back to 20 or 30 centimeters (7.8- 11 inches) in November/December.


To elicit a second bloom from a spring-flowering clematis, prune the shoots back just a little after the first bloom. If only the withered flowers are cut, including the pair of leaves underneath, the flowers will show up again after 6 weeks.

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