The most popular and newest varieties of begonia

The most popular and newest varieties of begonia

Begonias are sloping leaf plants. With over 900 species and 12,000 breeding specimens worldwide, they are among the largest plant genera. With a few exceptions, most species are at home in tropical or subtropical climate zones and are therefore not hardy.

  • 150 species come from the tropical regions of Africa
  • 600 species are found in Central and South America
  • 600 species are native to Asia

Particularly popular and easy-care begonia varieties

Wherever they originally came from, begonias are all monoecious with separate male and female flowers and fall into the following three groups.

  • rhizome forming
  • fibrous root forming
  • tubers

The rhizome and fibrous root-forming begonias are evergreen begonia varieties with particularly showy leaves. Nevertheless, some throw off some of their leaves in winter. Both species are mainly cultivated as indoor plants. Rhizome-forming begonias include, for example.

  • Begonia masoniana – Iron Cross
  • Begonia rex – King Begonia
  • Begonia versicolor

Tuberous begonias are leafy only in summer and spend the winter as a dormant tuber. They are originally from Brazil. The Begonia semperflorens hybrids or ice begonias are particularly well known. This begonia variety conquered the hearts of flower lovers as an always blooming, hard-working Lizzie.

The Three Most Popular begonias Plants

  • Begonia Bonfire – Bulbous Begonia
    This flower shines with gorgeous shades of orange. It beautifies the house, balcony, and garden. It blooms in partial shade or in a sunnier location. You can plant your tubers again in the spring.
  • Begonia Elatior – Hybrids
    The Elatior Begonia is the most popular houseplant. Diversity, the blaze of color, and easy handling when caring for and planting inspire here.

Individual varieties and begonias with special properties

With special breeds such as Rosade and Chicago, the value was placed on better sun tolerance.

These are among the most beautiful varieties.

  • Begonia metallica captivates with a striking metallic sheen on the upper side of the leaf and a strong red color underneath.
  • Begonia credneri wants to get high quickly and produces red flowers in the first winter.
  • Begonia corallina hybrid President Carnot is native to Brazil. As its name suggests, it flowers coral-red on long, hanging racemes. It is suitable as a hanging plant.
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