Tomato Roma: Planting and Care

With its oblong appearance and smooth skin, ‘Roma’ is very easy to recognize. And not to spoil anything, it is vigorous and productive.
omato 'Roma': planting and care

Origins and characteristics

Contrary to what one might think, the ‘Roma’ tomato does not come from Italy, but from the United States where it was developed in Maryland.

This variety with a definite habit is known to be very productive and give fruits of medium size, with an elongated and smooth silhouette. The tomatoes are fleshy and almost seedless.

It is also found under the name ‘Roma VF’. These two letters are in fact abbreviations for two fungi: Fusarium and Verticillium. ‘Roma’ is indeed very resistant to these two diseases.

Planting tomato ‘Roma’

Roma seedlings

The seedlings can be achieved by MarchApril in shelters. Spread the seeds in a mixture of potting soil and sand. Once the seedlings have emerged and have two leaves, you can transplant them into pots. However, always protect them from the cold while waiting for more favorable temperatures.

Roma tomato plantation

In May, when frosts are no longer to be feared, you can transplant your plants. To do this :

  • dig a hole about 20 cm deep;
  • insert the foot slightly at an angle;
  • install a tutor ;
  • fill the hole by covering the base of the stem up to the first leaves;
  • make a first abundant watering without touching the foliage.

The feet should be spaced far enough apart to allow air circulation. Allow 50 to 60 cm of distance between each plant.

omato 'Roma': planting and care

Cultivation and maintenance

The ‘Roma’ tomato does not require a lot of maintenanceWater regularly, but not excessively while taking care not to wet the leaves to avoid the appearance of diseases.

When the fruit arrives, you can strip the stems slightly to ripen them more quickly. However, remove the leaves sparingly to not harm the plant.

Diseases and pests

Unlike other tomatoes, ‘Roma’ is quite resistant to mildew.

However, it can be the target of the whitefly. The moth caterpillar can also be problematic.

Harvest and conservation

Depending on the date of sowing, the fruits can be collected from July, until October.

As a general rule, it is advisable to harvest as you go

Nevertheless, ‘Roma’ tomatoes tend to ripen at the same time. Note that you can keep them for a week in the refrigerator.

Roma tomato in the kitchen

The ‘Roma’ tomato is a fruit vegetable with multiple uses: salads, soups, concentrates, juices, etc.

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